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Welcome to West TN AgResearch & Education Center
Jackson, TN

 Summer Celebration Lawn & Garden Show   Thursday, July 9, 2015

WTREC Main Bldg Known for its research on ornamentals, turf grasses, agronomic and horticultural crops, the West Tennessee Research and Education Center, established in 1907, is the oldest research center in the U.T. system.

University scientists from:

as well as USDA-ARS researchers, along with a capable support staff conduct over 100 investigations annually to evaluate new cultivars, test and develop technology for more efficient crop production and a safer and aesthetically pleasing environment.

For more information, contact Robert M. Hayes, Research Center Director, at 731/424-1643, or email


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Wall Gardening
"You obviously need dirt to grow something, but you can also use .... a wall."
"Its one of our most lasting symbols of America - wind gently sweeping through a grain field. And soon it..."
Turtle Research
"University of Tennessee Turtle research in West Tennessee"
Managing Cover Crops
"An overview of a UTIA research project evaluating both the timing and products used to terminate cover crops."

Get detailed weather information from the WTREC Weather Station.

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Our local events
Summer Celebration  7/9, 9 AM - 6 PM

Cotton Tour  9/2, 8:30 AM

Other UTIA events, or elsewhere

None listed.